Wolf Creek Opener!

I can't say I'm really ready for winter, but what can you do when it snows 4 feet?  Go shred, right?  Well I figured that it would be the best thing to do, and I can't remember an earlier opening day at Wolfy, let alone one this good.  I was a bit skeptical even to the point of buying my ticket, but by the first turn any skeptisism turned to pure bliss.  To top it off, there was hardly any lift lines, and fresh snow was easy to find all day long.  I can't remember a more fun opening day in recent history.  Without a doubt I've got that winter itch and can't wait for the next big dump.

Blotto Photto sticker spotted in the ticket line

Ready to rock


 Good to be back on a chairlift

Coverage is looking good!

Still can't believe its only October 8th!

 Look back

 More trees

Random dude gettin' some

Chairlift to Heaven

This guy was about to get all Mikey Leblanc up in here.

The sun even poked out for a minute

I think I only hit like 3 things.  Not too bad for October 8th.

It was just too fun shredding so I never really wanted to stop and set up any kind of action shot.  This is my attempt at capturing some action follow cam style.  Cort Blasting through some baby trees.

 Until next time...


About eight or nine months ago my friend Teddy Hoffman approached me with an idea of starting a splitboarding website.  Well eight or nine months later we are getting really close to launching the site, splitboarder.com.  We hope to have it up and running by January 1, 2011.  Regardless of that, we have been getting pounded with snow the last two weeks here in Breckenridge.  Over 50" in the last week alone.  It is shaping up to be a great winter and I have been getting out on the splitboard as much as possible seeking out some early season pow turns.  I made two trips out on the Breckenridge Ski Area, one time going to peak 9 and one to peak 10.  It was almost too deep both days and it is really helping me get the stoke up for the season.  I gotta get my days in early because I'm usually too busy in the winter to actually ride.  Well I can't say I don't get some good days or at least runs in, but sometimes my snowboard is mearly transportation to and from a said spot.  That is why I love a good early season like the one we are having now.  Bring on the snow!