Snowboard Colorado Volume 3, Issue 6

Foreplay, Zac Marben

Masthead, Crested Butte

Crested Butte

Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Hunter Wood

Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Hunter Wood

Style Points, Dylan Alito

Style Points, Blake Paul

Style Points, Ryan Cruze

Todd Richards Interview, Chas Guldemond.  Portraits by Terry Ratzlaff

Todd Richards Interview, Bodie Merrill

Snowboard Colorado Volume 3, Issue 3


Micheal Wick

Micheal Wick

Chad Otterstrom

Keystone, CO.  Forest Bailey, Tim Humphreys

Keystone, CO.  Forest Bailey

Style Points, Alex Yoder

Style Points, Forest Bailey

Tom Sims

Trick Tip, Hans Mindnich, Breckenridge, CO

Micheal Wick, Breckenridge, CO

November TWS

A few Tear Sheets from the November Issue of TWS.

Top: Brandon Cocard featured in the Absinthe Films Feature Story

Blake Axelson for Snowmass

Bottom:  Nate Kern for Breckenridge

Left:  Blake Axelson for Snowmass.  Center:  Tim Humphreys for Keystone.

Legends Never die

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Tom Sims passing away yesterday.  He was an innovator and without him who the hell knows what I would be doing with my life now.  This is a photo I took of Tom a few years back.  It was great to get to know him over the past few years and this day shredding with him was nothing short of epic.  I could sit and listen to him tell stories about the good old days for hours.  He always had good ones!  Thanks Tom, you will be greatly missed!  Shred in peace....

Snowboard Colorado Vol. 3 Issue 1

Some tear sheets from the new issue of Snowboard Colorado.

Zac Marben shot in Evergreen, CO.  From the Editor

Silvetron, CO Backcountry.  Used for an ad to promote upcoming video premiers in Denver.

Blake Axelson, Snowmass, CO.  Masthead

Chad Otterstrom, Breckenridge, CO.  The Chop House

10 Page Story on DMR or Purgatory...
Ryan Cruze


Misc.  Center photo by Scott Smith.  Far Right, Matt Guess

Matt Guess

Left, Charlie Hoch.  Right, Ryan Cruze

Nate Kern, Breckenridge, CO.  Style Points

Gigi Ruf, Silverton, CO.  Style Points

Gretchen Bleiler, Snowmass, CO.  Style Points

Blake Paul, Silverton, CO.  Style Points

Misc.  New Shit

Austin Julik-Heine, Breckenridge, CO.  Trick Tip

The World Open

I was just showcased with a Photo of the Day on The World Open a photo contest that is running until August 2012.  I will be posting more images for the contest throughout the next two weeks so check it out and click the like button for my images please.  I'm assuming it matters if you "like" the photos that are in the contest entries and not just the portfolio entries, however both are appreciated, and the link that differentiates those two things can be found on the lower right just below the image.  Thanks.  A direct link to my work can be found by clicking here.


As usual and with most riders and shooter the season begins jibbing in the streets.  My season actually stated real early in October.  Both in the streets and on the hill.  I rode Wolf Creek (see earlier post) like October 8th.  The earliest I've ever ridden there.  After I got my fix it was game on.  I love the first shooting times of the year.  Reminds you of the cold, and the suffering that goes into shooting and shreding.  Kind of gets you prepared for the long winter ahead.  Below area few shots from the first quarter of my winter shooting in the streets.

Evergreen, CO with Dylan Alito and Zac Hale.  Behind the scenes

Evergreeen, CO

Forest Bailey, eyeing it up in Breck

Killer and Dan Brisse filming for X Games in Denver, CO

Birds of a feather

Brisse in Denver, CO

Denver Condos

Alito in his Element.  Evergreen, CO

Upper Midwest.  Best Urban Trip I've ever been on.  Thanks Absinthe!

The Abandoned Building....

Back to the Mountains!


Stoked this shot of Danny Davis ran in the new issue Slash, staight oot of Canada, eh.  It was shot in May of 2011 in Aspen/Snowmass while filming with the Brain Farm guys for their new release, "Art of Flight".  If you haven't seen it it yet, your probably dead or something, so I don't need to explain too much there.  I have to say though, that this is one of, if not my favorite photo from last season.  The combination of the tilt-shift, the clouds and Danny's timeless style, it just equals perfection to me.  Maybe you think its crap, and that cool, cause there's that one saying, "opinions are like assholes, everyones got one."  Anyways, thanks to Oli for running this one!  Stoked....