Spring Broke '09

Just spent a week in an RV touring the southwest in search of snow. Well, we actually found quite a bit everywhere. Most of the resorts we visited had over a 50" base, and in the desert in March thats not too shabby. We also found a lot of sun and even some fresh powder too. Not to mention sheer ice, where we took going sideways to a new level. Anyways, departing Salt lake City UT, Brian Head was the first stop and it didn't let us down. Some sick logs and tree jibs, fences to ollie, and a park to boot. Next, was Las Vegas Ski and Snowboarder Resort 45 miles west of Vegas. Yes, you can be snowboarding at a real mountain in less than an hour from the strip. Seems kind of crazy but it too was no let down. Defiently give this one a look if your in the Veags area in the Winter. Their park was good, there's crazy steep lines with cliffs and chutes within hiking range and they stay open until mid April. Next on to the Snowbowl in Flagstaff AZ. We had really nice weather up until hear and it was still good the day we rode Snowbowl, but it didn't soften up quite enough to really get anything done. Its to bad too cause there's some sick shit there. As quickly as I write this blog we were off to our next stop in Taos NM. A long haul. The whole trip was a long haul. Drive, shed and sleep. Mix in the occational gas station burrito and some beer, and that was life. Literally wake up and shred all day. Try and seek out a feature, get a shot maybe two. At most three.  BBQ, then peel out to the next spot. Drive until we get there (usually 11pm or as late as 4am), hang out, sleep and repeat. With minimal sleep, white knuckles, showing up at an unknown resort, only having one day to shoot, dealing with spring conditions, trying to find a feature worth shooting and getting it done can be a major challenge, especially with no help from the resort other than lift tickets. Now a days, a park shoot consist of setting the shoot up with the Resort months in advance, the features being built, and you show up and shoot. Have catered meals. Its so easy. Most park shoots are like that these days at least. Anyways, back to the story. Flagstaff to Taos is a long Haul. From resort to resort its about 500 miles. So we showed up at like 4 in the morning. Woke up late. Found a sick feature. We were go listed, then no listed. Wasted our day. Tried to party. No listed again. Do you like how I'm writing in 2 to 3 word sentences? I do. Anyways, the next day was super cold and everything was bullet-proof. Struggled for shots. Attempted some sketchy/dangerous things that should not have even been considered. Reinvented "going sideways", and once again left for the next spot. Frustrated. Wolf Creek prove to be the saving grace. It snowed over a foot the day and night before and it was on. Some cliffs were sent and pow was had by all.  After Wolf Creek a camping night in the desert of Moab was planned, but due to some rather volitile weather and the fact that the RV we rented was falling apart, we declined to risk it. It was back to Salt lake, and out of the RV. Another mellow 9 hour drive and another 3 am bedtime. Really it was just more of the usual. Stoked to be done. I had an awesome Spring Broke!

Some pics....

Our only enemy
The front porch, more or less
Evan waiting for java
Spring Broke lunch of choice, not by choice
Suite case and skateboard
The end of the road
Las Vegas Ski And Snowboard Resort
Laid Back Las Vegas
I've been taking a lot of pictures of the tops of lifts.  This is one of those pictures.  Las Vegas
Super Gourmet Lunch
15 Miles down the road from Las Vegas Ski And Snowboard Resort
Move along
Coffee Stop
Drying Rack
Another top of chair pic.  This time at Snowbowl AZ
Pay Phone in AZ
Cat in AZ
Damn, is that the Hoover Dam?

Life on the Road Diet
Weird art in Taos NM
Skiing is big in Taos
Ansel Adams in color
Desert Tree
The wwwhhip
Evan, Java, and myself
Our Saving Grace.  Wolf Creek CO
Littlest found the glory hole
Mad Pow Disease was in full effect.
A visit to Wolf Creek wouldn't be complete without a visit to Tequilias in Pagosa Springs
We pasted through Durango on our route back to SLC.  We hit up one of my Favorite spots there, Stone House Subs.Imagine if this place got snow
Pretty much
Best Spring Broke ever!