Editing Blues

What can I say.  I hate editing photos.  I hate being on the computer.  It's probably sunny and beautiful out right now, but I wouldn't know because I'm stuck in my dungeon editing away.  When I edit, I get distracted very easily.  Whether it be the internet, an e-mail, the TV or even a bathroom break, I find my self doing anything BUT editing.  This double exposure is a classic example of how my mind wanders when I edit.  One second I'm actually editing in Lightroom and the next I'm creating this double exposure in Photoshop.  I just can't stay focused, especially when it gets to this time of the year and I'm just over winter.  I'd rather be out and about in the mountains or on the river in the desert.  Well this double exposure is the best of both worlds and must have been what I was day dreaming about while trying to get through the last of my photos from this past winter.  Enjoy!