Hells Canyon, Snake River

I just came out of a great 5 day raft trip down Hells Canyon of the Snake River.  Instead of a high priced beach front vacation we opted for a more adventureous working holiday. We put my new (to me) boat to the test and old Barney passed with flying colors.  Hells Canyon is truly the Grand Canyon of the north, as it's actually the deepest Canyon in North America, beating out the Grand Canyon in Arizona by about 1000 feet.  Something I didn't know prior to this trip.  Amazing scenery.  Amazing food.  Fresh trout and bass.  PBR.  Just some of the good life the river has to offer.

Pushing off.  Steve with Pretty Keene.

The first big rapid of the day.  All the note worthy rapids are encountered on the first day.  1 of about 5.  I think this photo makes it look pretty small but I can assure you it is big and pushy, and will definitely take you out if you're not cautious.

A closer view

The boats.  Barney is my boat, and Pretty Keene is the boat in the back.

Rapid 2.  Caryn and I swam the whole thing.  Not quite on purpose.  We opted for a more difficult route river right and got swamped out of the boat.  Definitely a "good" near drowning experience.

Camp site numero uno.  No need for a rain fly.  Sleeping under the stars.  We ended up staying here two nights because we were so exhausted.


Crazy Moth population.  They were everywhere.

G10 macro is pretty good.

Hor 'dourvs to be served shortly

Happy Hour

Happy Stove

The general idea

Taking the bull by the horns

Snow peak mountains, and 95 degrees in the canyon floor.

Cliff jumper

Fishermans delight

More proof

Seeing double

I know

Civilization in the middle of nowhere.

Notice the standard issue river beer holder.

Camp 2, day 3.


More B&W

The confluence of the Snake River (right) and the Salmon River (left).
Camp 3, day 4

A few minutes later.  Our last campsite.  We took out about 2 hours down stream from here the next day.  Good times.  Trip of a lifetime without a doubt.