Self Portrait

Nothing artsy or anything, but this was a really fun climb up Father Dyer Peak (northeast route, Class 3) in Breckenridge, CO on August 22, 2009. There's something to be said about just going out on your own and getting out in the wilderness for a couple of hours. I really do enjoy routes like this. Class 3 and 4 routes that is. I hate to hike actually, if it doesn't involve some kind of scrambling I'm not into it at all. Another thing I like is the fact that there are no ropes to slow you down, but at the same time there is usually a lot of exposure and if you fell it would more than likely end in death. And if that were the case, being by yourself, nobody would ever really know just what happened. It keeps you on your toes, and makes you feel alive. A funny story about this particular day was that the second I got to the summit I received a phone call from my good friend DC. When he asked me where I was, I told him on the top of Father Dyer Peak, can you see me, I'm waving my arms? He replied, yes, do you see me? Jokingly I said yes, but of course I didn't. He then tells me that he is on the summit of Helen Mountain (The peak lower center in this photo) and that he indeed can see me. Now do you see me he asked? Laughing now, I said yes. He then proceeded to fly a kite. Pretty random to say the least.