A Day at Monarch

Yesterday I made a good last minute decision. I headed over to Monarch Ski Area with Pashley, Pashley's better half Erin and Gary Wyman. Having driven past this place hundreds of times and never stopping in, it was nice to finally check it off the "to do" list. We showed up to Bluebird skies, an almost empty parking lot and tons of fresh snow to track up. I have to say this place is pretty darn sweet. From the road you might not think too much of it. Probably what I have been telling myself for years, but man am I glad I finally stopped in. Like Wolf Creek it gets a lot of snow, however I have to say that there are more sustained pitches than Wolf Creek, less flats, the lifts are shorter and therefor you can make many more runs on a better pitch. There was also a lot of varied terrain for popping ollies over trees and rocks, and there was hardly any one else out on the slopes to compete for the freshest of lines with. All in all I had a blast and look forward to making it back down that way soon! A big thanks goes out to Greg Ralph in the Marketing Department for taking very good care of us! Enjoy some pic....

Headed out of Breckenridge early, but hey it's only a two hour drive, so not that early

Gary didn't want me to take a photo of his long underwear but I did anyways

Breakfast at Lodge and Spa

The drive down

First chair ride at Monarch

Frosty trees are good

Pash, getting barreled

The other chair we rode a lot of

Some of the backcountry options that exist

BOOOOM! Pashley


Sick custom Civic!

More frosty tress

gettin artsy I guess

The top

The end