The twilight Zone...AKA...The yellowstone Club

Legends past, present and future. Carter, Rice, Warren Miller, Justin Timberlake, Scott Schmidt from left to right. Thats what the Yellowstone Club is all about though. Well sorta, but you sure do feel kind of special just hanging around there. I mean the first person we met when we arrived at the "Warren Miller" Lodge at the Yellowstone Club was indeed Warren Miller. It was weird for sure, but so dope at the same time. And talk shit if you want, this man changed the face of "snow sports". Believe me when I say we (the industry as a whole) probably wouldn't be making and basing our winters around making snowboard/ski movies if this man hadn't done what he did for so long. Seriously things would be way different and I have much respect for him. And to have Scott Schmidt guide us around the mountain was a little unreal. I mean he also changed snow sports forever. I mean do you remember the iconic black and yellow North Face suit he was famous for wearing dropping 100' cliffs in back in the early 90's? Straight up amazing, and again much respect. Or maybe it was the insanely meticulous customer service, complimentary what ever you want or whole mountain to yourself mentality of this place. With sick terrain I might ad too. Either way this was probably one of the raddest two and a half days of my life and I will definitely be back sooner than later. If you ever have a chance to, visit this place, DO NOT turn it down. You will forever regret it. Probably the biggest challenge you will face is re-adjusting to normal life after you leave.