The Land of Enchantment

After a few days at home in Summit County, I'm back on the road in the American Southwest.  Home was a good refresh.  The snow really turned on and was able to get out for a couple of pretty fun pow days.  I also linked up with E-Tree from the magazine (Snowboarder) for a resort shoot at Copper Mountain with Erich Dummer, Madison Ellsworth, Brett Esser and Eric Willet.  It was a fun day and Willet is an absolute destroyer.  Park kid only, you might ask?  Well it was my first time watching him shred pow and the kid has skills for sure.  Monday I got up early and headed down to Monarch and with over 40" reported in the last few days it made for an epic day of soul shredding.  Yeah, I went solo and I coudn't complain in the least bit.  It was so good!  I might add that out of the 40" reported over the last few days 17" were reported overnight.  It was a much needed day to say the least.  At about noon and after 20+ laps I peaced out and headed south to meet back up with Erich Dummer and Madison Ellsworth at an undisclosed location in the American Southwest.  Feet upon feet of snow have fallen here in the last week and it is without a doubt a record year for this region.  Monday afternoon proved to be a little too hairy to make anything happen, considering it was dumping and avalanches were everywhere within sight.  We awoke to a bluebird clear sky Tuesday and got after it.  We were able to set up two features, the second one taking a few hours longer than expected, but I think it'll be worth it.  Wednesday should be good if all goes as planned.  Stay tuned for an update tomorrow or the next day....

The sond feature we set up today.  We didn't think it was gonna take 6 hours to build but we stuck it out and I think is going to shoot amazing.  
The crew after a very long day.  Beer anybody?

Probably the best hotel room I've stayed in ever.  Aside from maybe a suite or two.  Sauna included.