U Da Ho

Actually its pronounced Idaho.  Made it to the lovely land of potatoes in one piece and am glad to be back in this neck of the woods after not making it up last season.  Cory Smith has some big things going in his backyard zone of Smiley Creek, but don't think you can just roll up here.  The zone is on private property and without the proper credentials you could get messed up quick!  Trespasser's beware!

This is not a line you want to cross if your not invited.

Cabin 5 is treating me good so far.

Robot Food was here.  Well actually Pierre Wikberg and Eddie Wall are in the crew and working on content for their new website www.videohypershred.com.  Keep checking in as it should go live any day now.  Its gonna be sick...

Just put it on my Master Charge card.

Tunnel Vision

The rafters

Lago is the shit.  Congrats to the best damn bronze medalist I know.  USA!!!