Puerta Vallarta y Sayulita, Mexico

Immediately following Superpark I packed my bags and headed south to Mexico for some much needed R&R.  My leg had been killing me all week at Superpark due to an injury I sustained snowboarding a few weeks prior.  I landed my ass and leg on a stump and nearly broke my femur.  Basically I got lucky and ended up with a really sore leg and huge hematoma.  Needless to say I was a bit over the snow world and needed some sun and beach time.  My girl and I flew into Puerta Vallarta to meet up with Gunson and some other Breck people at Gunson's really, really nice condo overlooking the beach.  This was our home for the next few days.  The party period of our trip was here.  Not the best for my leg, but what can you do.  After some long nights, rough mornings and margaritas on the beach, my girl and I headed to the small town of Sayulita, 30 miles north.  Sayulita is truly a gem of a place.  Very low key and relaxed.  A mix of fisherman, surfers and American dirt bags, it has a really cool vibe.  We ran into some friends down there but mostly did our own thing.  Sleep in, mellow mid day breakfast at the Choco Banana with some cafe con leche and some form of burrito or scrambled Mexican bowl of goodness.  Then straight to the beach for some all day sun and beers, and then a late dinner and usually to bed.  No, we really didn't party too hard and that was nice.  Straight up rest and relaxation!  Just what I needed.  After 10 long days it was back to Breck, where the weather has actually been decent since arriving home.  I look forward to returning to Sayulita in the near future.  Such a  sick spot.  And because I was fairly injured I didn't get to surf.  Another reason to return sooner than later.  We stayed at Casa Los Arcos in Sayulita and highly recommend it to any one taking a trip down that way.  A bit more expensive then some places but well worth the extra dough if you are trying to have a relaxing vacation.  If you main objective is to surf and bum around there are much cheaper options, however, this place for the price was legit.  WiFi faster than at home, 5 minutes to town and the beach, small kitchen with full fridge, pool, etc.  No complaints execpt that I had to leave!  Till next time.....

Mini Pacifico

The View from Gunson's spot in PV

You don't see that many working pay phones in the US any more




El Gordo

Typical street trash

On the job

More pay phones

There is just something about this.  Can't put my finger on it...

Mural in PV

PV sunset

PV toilet

PV party

OXXO food

Cab rides home in PV

Taxi anyone?

Gunson ready to set sail

PV from the sea

Clouds, duh

Lunch spot

The view from our room in Sayulita at Casa Los Arcos.  Not bad, eh?

Sayulita street

I would hate to work for the electrical company here


Juice stand

Wash them hands



Sailboat with Sayulita in the background


Horses on the beach in Sayulita

The Choco Banana.  The jam for Breakfast

Walk in barefoot, buy a beer for 10 Pesos and drink it on the curb out front.  Doesn't get much better

Fresh fruit

The same sailboat in Sayulita



Another door

And another door

Cool table

Cool house

Kids & OXXO

Laundry day

Typical afternoon in Sayulita

Dance Dance revolution

Last night in Sayulita

Goodbye paradise!