ANTPM or America's Next Top Pro Model put on by SNOWBOARDER Magazine on Mt. Hood's Palmer Snowfield just wrapped up, well it did 10 days ago and I'm just getting around to putting this up.  A fun week of snowboarding, Cobra Dogs, swimming, BBQin, skatin, long nights at Charlie's and a couple of Snack Attacks too.  Truly a fun week and I already look forward to next year.  Here's a couple random picks from Govy to the Glacier....

Flying into PDX takes you very close to Mt. Hood.  Arial view of what was to come.



Oregon Hills

Cobra Dogs.  A Government Camp staple...

The first on hill event was the high ollie.  Keegan Valika won with this 5'2" Ollie.


The second contest was best jib.  Joe Sexton tore it up and won.  This is not Joe.  This is Chris Grenier.

Huggy.  AKA "Salsa Davis Jr."

The third even was spin to win.  Clancy spun and won.  Seen here.

The new logo

Laura Austin said this photo sucked.  Well Laura I think its sick so there.  Chris Grenier again.

T-Bird, AKA Bean Fartin from France mid Snack Attack!

Who says if you live in Bear you can't ride pipe?  Bradshaw proving the masses wrong.

Who says you can't shoot fisheye from the opposite side of the pipe?  Dodds proving them wrong too.

Colorado Black Eagle.  Very rare in Oregon.

Chillin on the Glacier is sick.  Just drink lots of water and use lots of sunscreen.  I paid the price hard.

The final on hill event is the Chinese Downhill.  Lots of fun to watch thats for sure.

The final event was the silent auction for Charity.  The pros put their boards and what ever else to entice campers and who ever to bid on their stuff.  Bradshaw started what could be considered a somewhat "fishy" charity called the Hell's Anglers (It helps supports fish habit in southern California he claims), and was under the assumption that if he won the auction he could donate to the charity of his choice, The Hell's Anglers.  So he put 4 boards, some boots, hoodies, etc on the line and won, however it was the overall winner who got to choose the charity not just the winner of the silent auction.  Sorry Bradshaw, maybe next year.   

Campers chowin down...

The remnants.

More remnants of dinner.

I really like this shot.  Just sayin'

High Cascade drying rack.

Pros and one lucky camper.

Sad Huggy

Not Kobe Bryant

Charlie's closing Party.  L2R.  Frank Sinacho, Snack Daddy, Bean Fartin

On the last day I headed out to Trillium lake.  Just what I needed to numb the pain from the closing party.

Dan Marino in his element