Snowboarder Magazine 28.2

Stoked to see this super heavy sequence of Ozzy Henning in the latest issue of Snowboarder Magazine (Issue 28.2).  This was one of those spots that I thought we would be at for hours and hours if not days and it was likely that we would not even be successful in the end.  Kind of a photographers worst nightmare when it comes to spots and/or tricks.  Well, Ozzy showed us all just how badass he is and had it done in maybe 2 hours.  I think we were all a bit shocked including him.  The one thing I'm not shocked about is seeing it in print.  Well deserved Ozzy!


I just spend the last week in Chicago shooting with Absinthe Films, and really enjoyed our day scoping the city.  Although we did not find that many feasible spots to shoot (within the city proper) with the snow conditions given to us, we made the best of it and played tourist for the day.

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