I set out to Aspen, CO the first week of May before heading out to Superpark to link up with both some of the best cinematographers and shreds in the world.  The Brainfarm team, masterminds behind the film "Thats It Thats All" were posted up working on their new film "The Art of Flight" with the likes of Mark McMorris, Seb Toots, Eric Willett, Travis Rice and the Frends Crew, Danny Davis, Luke and Jack Mitrani, Scotty Lago and Kevin Pearce.  Mark Landvik was also on hand for entertainment.  Well all I can say is this was one one hell of a trip.  Things were working out so well I extended my trip an extra day and ended up leaving Superpark two days early to come back.  Bode Merrill was selected to accompany me on the trek from Oregon back down to Aspen to join in the last day of action in Aspen.  Its insane to not only witness this level of snowboarding but the level that Brainfarm operates on is mad.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars at work between cameras, multiple Helicopters, Cine-Trucks, Cine Rangers and an all star squad running around getting it done.  Not only was this one of my best trips of the year but one of the most fun.  The Frends Crew is in my opinion "the best crew in snowboarding."  They have so much fun all the time and are some of the best individuals I know.  They are pretty good at snowboarding too. They just have the best outlook not only on life but snowboarding too.  They keep it 100% fun.  I'm honored to get to hang out with them, and always look forward to next time.  Please check out The Frends website here.  The most entertaining portion of the site is Frends Vision so be sure to check it out.  Anyways, thats about it.  Good times in Aspen.  A huge thanks goes out the riders and to everyone at Brainfarm and Aspen/Snowmass for making this all possible.    I will be doing a bigger post soon, but for now heres a behind the scene shot or two.  Until next time....

Thanks for the assist Bungie!  Photo by Scott Serfas.

Battling for angles.  You find a good angle and everyone flocks.  Dodds, Serfas, Hooper and Zimmerman from front to back.  Photo by Chad Jackson.