Yampa River, 2011 High Water Trip

The first week of June I boogied up to one of the best stretches of rivers in the US and one of the hardest permits to get as well.  The Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument.  Thanks Moler for the invite!  When I ran this last year at 14K I thought it was big.  This year it was over 20K and big would be somewhat of an understatement.  At one point I wasn't sure if were were still on the Yampa or if we had somehow landed in the Bering Sea.  Everyone had clean runs through all the major rapids, everyone got at least one haircut and only one ankle sucumbed in all the chaos.  All in all, you can't start you summer any better than this.  We'll see you again next year Yampa!

Last year this was a campground.  This year a flood plain.

 The water flow while we were on the river.  We put on the 1st and took off the 5th.

Typical Yampa

Harding Hole 1 was hard to beat so we stayed for an extra day.

The disco dangler.  If it hits you or you flinch, take a drink.

Ian probably flinched

Group Shotgun

Golden walls

This is what it is all about

I count about 3 billion.  How about you?

Kissing the Tiger Wall for good luck through Warm Springs.

Scouting Warm Springs and Maytag.  Hoping to not get "Maytaged"

We watched a couple commercial boats go through unscathed.

Enjoying the fact that we were through the thick of it.

Mardi Gras night.  Dave Moler

Bug-eyed Ian


About to get the ears lowered.

Haircuts and Sluts....