SNOWBOARDER Magazine Volume 24 Issue 1

The first Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine is now on sale.  Go get ya self a copy now and get hyped for the 2011-12 winter season!

Mark Landvik, shot by Doctor Zapalac in Jackson, WY during the filming of Brain Farms new release, "The Art of Flight".

The following 4 shots are from a BrainFarm shoot I was lucky enough to be involved in, last May in Aspen, CO.  Some next level riding from the Frends Crew, Rice, Seb Toots, McMorris, Willet, and Bode Merrill.  See it all in "The Art of Flight" dropping September 2011.


Lago and Jack

Lago, Willet, Bode, and Willett solo

Danny Davis and Travis in Gum Drop land.

 The next two shots were from a story about Minnesota.  A place I've been to every year for the past 9 seasons.  To the outsider, you might wonder why Minnesota but it truly has become a snowboard destination for both the urban scene but also the private "park sessions", which I've been a part of more and more in recent years.

 Bjorn at the Celtek Jib Farm

Dan Brisse at the TKI Complex