Snowboard Colorado Volume 3, Issue 6

Foreplay, Zac Marben

Masthead, Crested Butte

Crested Butte

Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Hunter Wood

Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Hunter Wood

Style Points, Dylan Alito

Style Points, Blake Paul

Style Points, Ryan Cruze

Todd Richards Interview, Chas Guldemond.  Portraits by Terry Ratzlaff

Todd Richards Interview, Bodie Merrill

Snowboard Colorado Volume 3, Issue 3


Micheal Wick

Micheal Wick

Chad Otterstrom

Keystone, CO.  Forest Bailey, Tim Humphreys

Keystone, CO.  Forest Bailey

Style Points, Alex Yoder

Style Points, Forest Bailey

Tom Sims

Trick Tip, Hans Mindnich, Breckenridge, CO

Micheal Wick, Breckenridge, CO

Spouting Rock

Hiked up to Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock yesterday.  The colors were going off and it was cool to finally see what all the hype was about.  Well Honestly I thought Spouting Rock was cooler than Hanging Lake but that's just me.  Very pretty non the less.  Here's a shot of Spouting Rock and some of the fall foliage.

November TWS

A few Tear Sheets from the November Issue of TWS.

Top: Brandon Cocard featured in the Absinthe Films Feature Story

Blake Axelson for Snowmass

Bottom:  Nate Kern for Breckenridge

Left:  Blake Axelson for Snowmass.  Center:  Tim Humphreys for Keystone.

Thunder Head

Driving down from Breckenridge to Durango yesterday, when I hit the San Luis Valley I stated seeing a ton of smoke.  I thought this was probably from the fires in New Mexico, but later found out it was most likely from a fire called "The Little Sand Fire", burning north of Pagosa Springs, CO.  I started to see the photo possibilities immediately while the smoke started to choke out the sun.  As the sun got lower the scenes became even more dramatic.  While I pulled over on a back road and started shooting into the sun I noticed this cloud brewing up behind me while I went to retrieve another lens out of my car.  Before I knew it, this is what I was shooting and was no longer interested in the "into the sun" shot the other direction.  You can see in the top of the frame, smoke, which adds another layer to this shot.  It always amuses me how you sometimes end up shooting something you never expected or originally saw, but it ends up being the best shot of the day or trip.


As usual and with most riders and shooter the season begins jibbing in the streets.  My season actually stated real early in October.  Both in the streets and on the hill.  I rode Wolf Creek (see earlier post) like October 8th.  The earliest I've ever ridden there.  After I got my fix it was game on.  I love the first shooting times of the year.  Reminds you of the cold, and the suffering that goes into shooting and shreding.  Kind of gets you prepared for the long winter ahead.  Below area few shots from the first quarter of my winter shooting in the streets.

Evergreen, CO with Dylan Alito and Zac Hale.  Behind the scenes

Evergreeen, CO

Forest Bailey, eyeing it up in Breck

Killer and Dan Brisse filming for X Games in Denver, CO

Birds of a feather

Brisse in Denver, CO

Denver Condos

Alito in his Element.  Evergreen, CO

Upper Midwest.  Best Urban Trip I've ever been on.  Thanks Absinthe!

The Abandoned Building....

Back to the Mountains!


Stoked this shot of Danny Davis ran in the new issue Slash, staight oot of Canada, eh.  It was shot in May of 2011 in Aspen/Snowmass while filming with the Brain Farm guys for their new release, "Art of Flight".  If you haven't seen it it yet, your probably dead or something, so I don't need to explain too much there.  I have to say though, that this is one of, if not my favorite photo from last season.  The combination of the tilt-shift, the clouds and Danny's timeless style, it just equals perfection to me.  Maybe you think its crap, and that cool, cause there's that one saying, "opinions are like assholes, everyones got one."  Anyways, thanks to Oli for running this one!  Stoked....


Over the past two summers I've really fallen in love with biking.  Something about, its almost like snowboarding in a weird way.  We had a pretty epic Indian Summer here in Colorado for most of September and October and got out quite a bit (not to mention all summer too!).  I had never really shot much biking and decided with the fall colors in full swing it was time.  Here's a few shots from a little afternoon session in late September.

Wolf Creek Opener!

I can't say I'm really ready for winter, but what can you do when it snows 4 feet?  Go shred, right?  Well I figured that it would be the best thing to do, and I can't remember an earlier opening day at Wolfy, let alone one this good.  I was a bit skeptical even to the point of buying my ticket, but by the first turn any skeptisism turned to pure bliss.  To top it off, there was hardly any lift lines, and fresh snow was easy to find all day long.  I can't remember a more fun opening day in recent history.  Without a doubt I've got that winter itch and can't wait for the next big dump.

Blotto Photto sticker spotted in the ticket line

Ready to rock


 Good to be back on a chairlift

Coverage is looking good!

Still can't believe its only October 8th!

 Look back

 More trees

Random dude gettin' some

Chairlift to Heaven

This guy was about to get all Mikey Leblanc up in here.

The sun even poked out for a minute

I think I only hit like 3 things.  Not too bad for October 8th.

It was just too fun shredding so I never really wanted to stop and set up any kind of action shot.  This is my attempt at capturing some action follow cam style.  Cort Blasting through some baby trees.

 Until next time...

Yampa River, 2011 High Water Trip

The first week of June I boogied up to one of the best stretches of rivers in the US and one of the hardest permits to get as well.  The Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument.  Thanks Moler for the invite!  When I ran this last year at 14K I thought it was big.  This year it was over 20K and big would be somewhat of an understatement.  At one point I wasn't sure if were were still on the Yampa or if we had somehow landed in the Bering Sea.  Everyone had clean runs through all the major rapids, everyone got at least one haircut and only one ankle sucumbed in all the chaos.  All in all, you can't start you summer any better than this.  We'll see you again next year Yampa!

Last year this was a campground.  This year a flood plain.

 The water flow while we were on the river.  We put on the 1st and took off the 5th.

Typical Yampa

Harding Hole 1 was hard to beat so we stayed for an extra day.

The disco dangler.  If it hits you or you flinch, take a drink.

Ian probably flinched

Group Shotgun

Golden walls

This is what it is all about

I count about 3 billion.  How about you?

Kissing the Tiger Wall for good luck through Warm Springs.

Scouting Warm Springs and Maytag.  Hoping to not get "Maytaged"

We watched a couple commercial boats go through unscathed.

Enjoying the fact that we were through the thick of it.

Mardi Gras night.  Dave Moler

Bug-eyed Ian


About to get the ears lowered.

Haircuts and Sluts....


I set out to Aspen, CO the first week of May before heading out to Superpark to link up with both some of the best cinematographers and shreds in the world.  The Brainfarm team, masterminds behind the film "Thats It Thats All" were posted up working on their new film "The Art of Flight" with the likes of Mark McMorris, Seb Toots, Eric Willett, Travis Rice and the Frends Crew, Danny Davis, Luke and Jack Mitrani, Scotty Lago and Kevin Pearce.  Mark Landvik was also on hand for entertainment.  Well all I can say is this was one one hell of a trip.  Things were working out so well I extended my trip an extra day and ended up leaving Superpark two days early to come back.  Bode Merrill was selected to accompany me on the trek from Oregon back down to Aspen to join in the last day of action in Aspen.  Its insane to not only witness this level of snowboarding but the level that Brainfarm operates on is mad.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars at work between cameras, multiple Helicopters, Cine-Trucks, Cine Rangers and an all star squad running around getting it done.  Not only was this one of my best trips of the year but one of the most fun.  The Frends Crew is in my opinion "the best crew in snowboarding."  They have so much fun all the time and are some of the best individuals I know.  They are pretty good at snowboarding too. They just have the best outlook not only on life but snowboarding too.  They keep it 100% fun.  I'm honored to get to hang out with them, and always look forward to next time.  Please check out The Frends website here.  The most entertaining portion of the site is Frends Vision so be sure to check it out.  Anyways, thats about it.  Good times in Aspen.  A huge thanks goes out the riders and to everyone at Brainfarm and Aspen/Snowmass for making this all possible.    I will be doing a bigger post soon, but for now heres a behind the scene shot or two.  Until next time....

Thanks for the assist Bungie!  Photo by Scott Serfas.

Battling for angles.  You find a good angle and everyone flocks.  Dodds, Serfas, Hooper and Zimmerman from front to back.  Photo by Chad Jackson.