SNOWBOARDER Magazine VOL. 24, Issue 4

A few tear sheets from the November 2011 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine....

Never a dull moment with Scotty Stevens...

America's Next Top Pro Model.  Great contest and great times. Portraits by E-Stone and Mike Yoshida.


I was actually shooting with an Absinthe crew consisting of Bode Merrill and Johnnie Paxson this day but Phil Jacques and Parker Duke had a jump built right next to ours.  They didn't have a photog so I literally stepped 15 over from where I was shooting with my crew and snapped this shot of Phil.  Sometimes it just that easy...

Colin Spencer cab 9 over the Malay gap on Vail Pass.  Really sick...

2012 Resort Guide opener.  Breckenridge, CO

More Breck...

SNOWBOARDER Magazine VOL. 24 Issue 3

A few tear sheets from the October 2011 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine....

Scott Stevens is always up to something unique.  This day was no different.  Always a pleasure...

So hyped to have gotten to hang out and gotten to know Kevin Jones this past winter.  Such a legend in the sport, and all around rad dude. 

Dylan Alito is a little shit.  Snowboarding needs more little shits like him.  Its about time with this On Deck!

This was shot in Utah for a feature loosely based on Travis Rice comparing traits exhibited by 4 riders, in this case, Johnnie Paxson.

SNOWBOARDER Magazine Volume 24 Issue 1

The first Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine is now on sale.  Go get ya self a copy now and get hyped for the 2011-12 winter season!

Mark Landvik, shot by Doctor Zapalac in Jackson, WY during the filming of Brain Farms new release, "The Art of Flight".

The following 4 shots are from a BrainFarm shoot I was lucky enough to be involved in, last May in Aspen, CO.  Some next level riding from the Frends Crew, Rice, Seb Toots, McMorris, Willet, and Bode Merrill.  See it all in "The Art of Flight" dropping September 2011.


Lago and Jack

Lago, Willet, Bode, and Willett solo

Danny Davis and Travis in Gum Drop land.

 The next two shots were from a story about Minnesota.  A place I've been to every year for the past 9 seasons.  To the outsider, you might wonder why Minnesota but it truly has become a snowboard destination for both the urban scene but also the private "park sessions", which I've been a part of more and more in recent years.

 Bjorn at the Celtek Jib Farm

Dan Brisse at the TKI Complex

SNOWBOARDER Magazine, Volume 23, Issue 7

A few tear sheets from the February issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine.  This is the Rider of the Year Issue.  Stoked to have a good display.  Check it out...

Jeremy Jones.  The real one that is.  Top middle

Madison Ellsworth.  Dew Tour, Breckenridge, CO

Ryan Paul, On Deck

Scotty Lago (Portrait).  Action by Tim Zimmerman

Jeremy Jones (Portrait).  Action by Tero Repo

Dan Brisse (Portrait).  Action by E-Stone

Sims Ad.  Crested Butte, CO

Cale Zima.  Elements

Bjorn Leines.  Elements

Dan Brisse

The Cover of All Covers!

I'm very pleased to announce my latest cover, SNOWBOARDER Magazine's 2011 Photo Annual.  In the photo world this is kind of the cover of all covers.  I couldn't be happier right now.  This shot was taken in March 2010 at my cabin in Silverton, the Bonnie Belle.  Such a stress free, fun trip!  We had easily one of the (at least for me) best days of the year shredding, the shooting was epic, and we even got a few noboard laps in on the side.  Easily one of the best trips of last season.  Thanks to Scotty for hitting this rock that he actually didn't want to hit (Could have been his boot), and thanks to Huggy for finding a nice spot for it in Volume 23!

So a little back story that goes along with this.  If you've ever hung out with Scotty Arnold you know its usually filled with non stop laughter, whether its the things spewing out of his mouth or something that he does or maybe even doesn't do.  Well on the last night of the trip, he failed to keep an eye on his boots the night before while drying near the wood stove. The room starting getting super a bad way, like I had never seen before.  Something was up.  By the time we found the problem Scotty's boot was toast, literally.  The next day he wasn't even sure if he was going to be able to ride.  We convinced him a little duct tape should do the trick.  So Scotty bagged his foot in a grocery bag, and then pried the deformed boot onto his foot.  Fully taped up, he was locked in and ready for the last day of our trip.  So glad in the end it all worked out.  Would have been such a bummer to have not gotten this shot.  I think Scotty will agree.


ANTPM or America's Next Top Pro Model put on by SNOWBOARDER Magazine on Mt. Hood's Palmer Snowfield just wrapped up, well it did 10 days ago and I'm just getting around to putting this up.  A fun week of snowboarding, Cobra Dogs, swimming, BBQin, skatin, long nights at Charlie's and a couple of Snack Attacks too.  Truly a fun week and I already look forward to next year.  Here's a couple random picks from Govy to the Glacier....

Flying into PDX takes you very close to Mt. Hood.  Arial view of what was to come.



Oregon Hills

Cobra Dogs.  A Government Camp staple...

The first on hill event was the high ollie.  Keegan Valika won with this 5'2" Ollie.


The second contest was best jib.  Joe Sexton tore it up and won.  This is not Joe.  This is Chris Grenier.

Huggy.  AKA "Salsa Davis Jr."

The third even was spin to win.  Clancy spun and won.  Seen here.

The new logo

Laura Austin said this photo sucked.  Well Laura I think its sick so there.  Chris Grenier again.

T-Bird, AKA Bean Fartin from France mid Snack Attack!

Who says if you live in Bear you can't ride pipe?  Bradshaw proving the masses wrong.

Who says you can't shoot fisheye from the opposite side of the pipe?  Dodds proving them wrong too.

Colorado Black Eagle.  Very rare in Oregon.

Chillin on the Glacier is sick.  Just drink lots of water and use lots of sunscreen.  I paid the price hard.

The final on hill event is the Chinese Downhill.  Lots of fun to watch thats for sure.

The final event was the silent auction for Charity.  The pros put their boards and what ever else to entice campers and who ever to bid on their stuff.  Bradshaw started what could be considered a somewhat "fishy" charity called the Hell's Anglers (It helps supports fish habit in southern California he claims), and was under the assumption that if he won the auction he could donate to the charity of his choice, The Hell's Anglers.  So he put 4 boards, some boots, hoodies, etc on the line and won, however it was the overall winner who got to choose the charity not just the winner of the silent auction.  Sorry Bradshaw, maybe next year.   

Campers chowin down...

The remnants.

More remnants of dinner.

I really like this shot.  Just sayin'

High Cascade drying rack.

Pros and one lucky camper.

Sad Huggy

Not Kobe Bryant

Charlie's closing Party.  L2R.  Frank Sinacho, Snack Daddy, Bean Fartin

On the last day I headed out to Trillium lake.  Just what I needed to numb the pain from the closing party.

Dan Marino in his element

Superpark 14

Its that time of the year again.  Yes Superpark.  Hard to believe that this event is now 14 years old.  And yet it still does not get old.  Lago spotted here blasting on the hip.  Th features include a slue of step downs, ranging from about 40' to 80'.  A 100'+ gap, a tranny pool contraption with hips, jumps over hips and 1/4 pipes to 1/4 pipe linkage, rhythm section, another 80' step up and a 30' 1/4 pipe.  Its going to be a good week.  Stay tuned for more or log on to Snowboarder Magazine for daily updates.

U Da Ho

Actually its pronounced Idaho.  Made it to the lovely land of potatoes in one piece and am glad to be back in this neck of the woods after not making it up last season.  Cory Smith has some big things going in his backyard zone of Smiley Creek, but don't think you can just roll up here.  The zone is on private property and without the proper credentials you could get messed up quick!  Trespasser's beware!

This is not a line you want to cross if your not invited.

Cabin 5 is treating me good so far.

Robot Food was here.  Well actually Pierre Wikberg and Eddie Wall are in the crew and working on content for their new website  Keep checking in as it should go live any day now.  Its gonna be sick...

Just put it on my Master Charge card.

Tunnel Vision

The rafters

Lago is the shit.  Congrats to the best damn bronze medalist I know.  USA!!!